Summary of Meeting #4 for Solid data browser UX team


Attendees: Arne Hassel, Vincent Tunru, Tony Morelli, Lisa Nguyen, Daphne Muller and Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez.


  1. Status from everyone
    Been working on the documents - we have started a somewhat similar process in inrupt (wrt user stories and personas) to better understand how we want to go about the data browser, and how we should prioritize our work. He will share this with the team when there is more to share. In any case, he hopes that the work in this team and the work being done internally at inrupt will have a synergy effect.
    Vincent: Been involved in the process Arne mentioned
    Tony and Lisa: Have been working on personas, going to introduce one of them to the team.
    Daphne: Have been on vacation, but eager to get back to work with the team.
    Eduardo: Have gone through the current data browser, analyzing it and ready to give a presentation to the team.
    Tim: has written down some texts related to the data browser: Dashboard ideas and Goals for a Human-Data Interface (Tim was not in the meeting, but Arne relayed these two texts to the team)

  2. Breaking down the Databrowser: A presentation by Eduardo where he goes through the current data browser, explaining his impressions and offering some suggestions on how improvements could be done.

  3. User stories: Some work has been done on this in solid/user-stories, and Vincent led a discussion where people added thoughts of their own. We added the resulting user stories to the public user stories repository.
    As part of a discussion around personal data Daphne mentioned a study that might be of interest.

  4. Personas: Tony and Lisa has been working on Personas, and presented one of them to the team. The team loved the work, and gave a lot of feedback on what they liked about it. Tony and Lisa will continue the work on personas, and present more on next meeting.
    Note: We cannot share this work with the rest of the community at present time, but will try to make it available later.

  5. Organizing tools: We will continue to use the email-list until we have more specific tools. This point was originally introduced by Steve, who sadly couldn’t attend this meeting, so we might take it up next time he’s able to join a meeting.

  6. Roadmap: We want to create roadmaps for our work. Our tentative goal is to identify a specific project to work on within august, and to create a roadmap for that project. This is how we will work in general - identify projects to work on and work on them and introduce roadmaps for the broader community when we have done sufficient research.

  7. Action points:
    Continue working on documents
    Vincent: Continue on user stories
    Tony and Lisa: Continue on personas, keeping in mind the diverse backgrounds that we expect from Solid users
    Daphne: Will present previous work that she has done on analyzing the data browser and suggesting improvements


Great work to all of you on the UX team! It appears that the new data browser will have some features that show users who they have shared their data with in several panes and on the side bar menu however, I would like Solid to let me know when my pod has been @mentioned by other solid users. Could be in the form of an alert, your pod was mentioned by Arne, and a link to the mention. I would like to know who has visited my pod, what pages they visited, files viewed, etc.

Wish List: I would like a Solid MasterCard that links to my bank account. One that I can control from my Solid Pod. If I decide to opt into a service that bills my Solid MasterCard monthly, I would also like the ability to revoke that permission as well. Essentially, ACL Controls for my Solid MasterCard.


Hi @megoth, perhaps it would be good to think ‘mobile first’ for the databrowser as most of people now have this device in the pocket.

For example this morning, I had an idea, I created a pod for the future app and wanted to put my first idea on it in a to-do list using notepad

but it’s not mobile friendly as you can see in this screenshot

  • A question : I see there are two browser apps named ‘notepad’ so could you tell me what is the difference between the two. Thxs

Interested in developing the Solid data browsers?