Summary of Meeting #3 for Solid data browser UX team

Attendees: Arne Hassel, Vincent Tunru, Lisa Nguyen, and Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez; Tony Morelli joined during the meeting.


  1. Updates from inrupts all-hands meeting that relates to the UX team: Inrupt had an all-hands in Boston where various topics were discussed. There were two related to the work of the UX-team: a) What should be the focus of the UX-team be? and b) What resources should inrupt provide the UX-team with?

    The discussion reg topic A was about whether or not the UX-team should focus their efforts on the current data browser, or whether they should take a step back and have a more research-based focus on the data browser in general. Those that attended the meeting agreed that a more general approach would suit the team better, and that it should be a separate track from the work being done on the current data browser. We believe that work and outcomes from this track will benefit other works on Solid.

    The discussion on topic B ended with agreement that inrupt should invest some resources and time to the UX-team track. But this hasn’t gone through any final decision from management, so this is still not 100% decided.

  2. Work on the “Solid through the lense of the data browser”: Arne has started on a document, but with the all-hands week he didn’t manage to complete it. It also seems to become quite a big document at the moment, so he wants to shorten it a bit before sharing.

  3. Walkthrough of the current data browser: Eduardo had requested a demo of the current data-browser, so Arne did one.

  4. Action points for next meeting

    1. Arne to continue his writings
    2. Arne to have a meeting with Daphne and Steve to do a bit of catch-up
    3. Find some good topics to discuss for next meeting, suggestions: user-stories, personas, organization tools, and roadmap for the work of the UX-team