Introductory meeting for Solid data browser UX team

On Wednesday (June 12th) we had our first meeting with the team that will be working on improving the UX for the revamped data browser. This work has been talked about at the Solid Community Group and in the solid-panes repo, and has ended up being a team consisting of Arne Hassel (team leader), Tony Morelli (UX lead), Vincent Tunru (front-end developer), Daphne Muller (UX designer), Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez (UX designer), and Steve Blakeborough (UX designer). The former three are contributing through inrupt and the latter three are volunteering their contributions.

All but Steve joined the meeting, and the following is an overview of the agenda and what we talked about.

  • Introduction of people: Everyone introduced themselves, what they wanted to bring to the table, and what they wanted to get out of it
  • Introduction of project: Arne presented the data browser in general, and what the project would be about. (More on this later in the post.) Before the meeting Tim Berners-Lee shared his document on A Visual Language for the Solid Databrowser, that should also help guide the efforts of the team.
  • How to collaborate: Tony presented some tools that are used in other Solid projects that inrupt’s working on, and suggested them to be used for this project as well. The tools are primarily Abstract, Sketch, Zeplin, and Maze. The team agreed to use these tools, and Tony will grant access to the various resources.
  • Deciding on overall process: Arne wanted to set some common ground for the project, such as reoccurring meeting times and communication channels. The team will use the data browser room on gitter for chat and update the rest of the community of the progress of the work as threads on this forum (this thread being an example of this).
  • Splitting tasks and assigning and agreeing on deliverables: The first tasks that were decided upon were:
    • Write a summary of the meeting (Arne)
    • Grant access to various resources (Tony)
    • Upload existing material that people have worked on (all)
    • Start working on personas for the data browser (Tony, Eduardo)
    • Start the work on finding a common language to describe the various aspects of the data browser (Arne, Daphne)

The overall purpose for the project is to improve the UX and overall design of the Solid data browser. This will be done through various deliverables which will focus on the data browser first and foremost, but might also be helpful resources for other Solid projects as well. (An example of this is that we will contribute to the Style Guide by inrupt with reusable components and patterns.)

We will probably take in more volunteers in the future, but for now we need to focus on getting the process set up. We will also create resources that makes it easier for more people to join the effort. That being said, if you have any input, feedback or just want to get in contact with us, please reply to this thread, create new threads with the Solid data browser category, or chat with us at the data browser room on gitter :slight_smile:


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