Solidarity - first shot for a 🐈

Working now with @jucole on a LongChat for Solidarity

Here is how to add it as an app on your device

You can follow one chat/day of Solidarity news / topics / Ask Questions about Solidarity & more /
And follow long-chat & notes created by your friends … And more soon…


Great work guys, this looks amazing. I think the above is to add a device shortcut - do I also have to add permissions to my pod?

I tried posting to the initial chat but it gave “Error: can only update an http(s) document”.

I don’t see any other chats as in your screenshots.

Really impressive though!

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lol - I think it rather looks like ‘a pile of cat food’ at the minute :wink: but that will change later, some more info…

The aim of the Solidarity App is to blend together the real-time interaction of group “Chatter” with a forum type experience. At the moment the App is in the very early stages of development.


You must first select the Solidarity(Long Chat) to post.
You can also click on the ‘x instances’ button on your friend list( check menu on mobile) to see other chats hosted by your friends

Just added inbox notification when someone reply to one of your post.

To enable inbox notif, you must grant everyone to submitter of your inbox

Yesterday’s functionnalities : Inbox & Notif + Link to Spoggy + improve UI. What do you think about the Inbox ?

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A sneak peek at the UI for it.


You’re right, @jucole
now that we have the functionnalities, let’s take a look to the design


There is a bug today on mobile devices. If you search the ‘write’ button, look at the ‘far right’ bottom


Working on @jucole new design, if some want to contribute

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Nice job on the app! Here are a couple of my thoughts on compatibility with the solid data browser. If we are going to create apps like Solidarity, we have to have a way to view it with the mashlib solid data browser.

Here is a link to the solid data browser:

You can input a URI and some URL’s but, not all URL’s will get you a view of what you would see on Chrome or another web browser. And there are some bugs in the data browser but, I will get to that at the end.

At one point prior to Inrupt creating the new dashboard, the solid pod root index.html pages, a/k/a your solid pod homepage could be viewed using the mashlib solid data browser as a web app but, that is no longer possible generically. You can view your solid pod homepage URL on Chrome and almost any other browser, but, not with the mashilb data browser. I am not sure if it will always be this way but, I have created a simple hack around it for those who are interested.

Below is the mashlib solid data browser as a web app pulling up the solid pod belonging to however, you can see how the data browser is viewing this URL below.

The way to get around this is to embed the URL in a html file like so.

So for Solidarity, I had to do the same thing because it would not view on the solid data browser. I created a file at

The only way to view some websites and to interact with them in the mashlib data browser is to embed it in a file and then view the URI. Hope this was helpful.

A problem with the solid data browser is, it only wants to serve linked data. But what about other forms of data that is not necessarily linked, we still want to possibly use the data browser so, I created this hack around it. I believe that the solid data browser is affected by ,and because of, the way the code is written in NSS or Mashlib or one of its dependancy libraries. I am sure this is intentional but am still trying to work around some of these implementations for those who are interested.

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@adventure thanks for the tip!

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I forked it so I guess I will be getting into some of the code to play around, who knows, I may come up with something.

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Does anyone know anything about .docx files in Solid?

New !
Chatter & inbox integrated to @jucole’s look for Solidarity .

Chatter :slight_smile:

Inbox :star_struck:

To send us turtlesmails,
add me & to your friend and click green ‘Inbox’ button

To allow us to send you turtlesmails grant"Everyone" to ‘Submitters’ to your ‘inbox’ folder :slight_smile:

Or just test the ‘Solidarity’ Channel in the ‘Chatter’


Just migrated new design as default SOLIDARITY
Sorry, not mobile friendly for the moment,

How does Solidarity Chat Work ?

Edit 14/02
Some crazy swipable chat test
And start of a S-olid High L-evel api


Waahoo… So nice

Hi, just an update on where this project is at; initially both myself and @Smag0 thought that a developer biased workflow approach was going to work for building this project, but unfortunately because of my poor coding skills it didn’t really work out. So, we decided that we were in need of a simple API, one that could abstract all the complexities of developing in Solid and reach-out to non-coders such as myself to build fun Solid things; so over the last few weeks Smag0 has been doing just that, and then I have been working on the UIX.

At the moment I have login / long-chat working with a couple of test channels although there is still a bit of work / features to add to to get it to a point where I would want to actually use it myself but hopefully that will happen in due course.



Amazing work both! Kudos! :clap:


New version 0.2 just uploaded if you want to have a play around… sry pc only, no tablet or phone yet