A Solid Pod homepage you may actually love ❤️


Propably all of you like the default Solid home page :grin:

Just in case you don’t: It’s now possible to deploy the page I am using at https://angelo.veltens.org to your own Pod :tada:

All data displayed on that page will be dynamically loaded from your Solid Pod.

Special thanks goes to @jeffz for his solid-file-client that made a deployment to any Pod possible!

If you have any questions or need help, let me know!


Wonderful !
I am impatiently waiting for your release of the solid data browser :grinning:


:sob: If I had more time I would be working on one


Can I ask why you are not running that on pod root instead of /#/?


It’s running on pod route but using fragment identifier for routing


I like what you did with your dashboard! Is https://angelo.veltens.org/#/ considered a URI?

I can’t seem to view that in the data browser for some reason. You can try it out here https://webid.cloud

In fact, can’t view any of the pages on your new homepage dashboard with the solid data browser.


Yes it is. It identifies the web page you are looking it when opening it in the browser.

That’s because it did not serve linked data. Which brought be to the idea to actually add some triples to the .meta file. So know you can try again and will find at least some rudimentary data.


Great, I did see some data on my last search. I think we need to include linked data in everything we do with solid as to make it compatible with the data browser.


For deploying, I guess it also works to (1) copy the files from a sample pod (e.g. yours) to the target pod and (2) create an acl file for the static permissions. Copying could be done with the live example from solid-file-client¹ and creating the acl file with the data browser (or probably solid-ide).

So you could consider adding a short description for that too, so people won’t need nodejs to create this homepage. It would just require a browser :))

(1) For copying you’d probably need two steps. First copy the static folder and then the index.html, both times with the replace option, but without links.


Hey @A_A I was thinking about that way quite long, but discarded it for now. Currently the target Web ID is required at build time. If you just copy from my Pod you would also show my homepage. This is of course solvable, but I decided to put my time elsewhere first, in the assumption most people that are using Solid currently are used to check out Repos and run npm. But in future there should be “one click installers” that allow copying such apps to own Pods.


@aveltens, I liked it so much I wrote about it :smiley:


I agree that @aveltens app is a nice start! and a welcome view of something new! For some reason I was under the impression that Inrupt was going to put out a dashboard for the same thing, see. https://inrupt.com/solid

But then again, with the lack of communication from Inrupt, and lack of any new release of the inrupt pod server since September, the only thing they are doing lately is just raising money.

Tim Berners-Lee stated last year that Solid would be released to the general public sometime later in 2019 but, that promise has come and gone, and many of us working on this project are left speechless, and in the dark.

When you go out and raise over a hundred million dollars and all you have to show for it is nothing more than what we had this time last year, leads people to wonder, how many more millions does the project need? And it would be nice to know if that money is for inrupt to build out solid, or is that money Glasswing raised on the name of Solid and MIT’s credibility being used to fund other ventures?




this is a very real concern when I look at projects like IPFS and Blockstack or any other decentralized web project .

for almost anything anyone currently thinks that they would want to do in SOLID, there is a decentralized web alternative you could mock up that example in within hours to a day and also be more commercially ready …

which also brings up another point regarding the composability and interoperability of such composability of decentralized projects .

it shouldn’t need to matter too much where you start, you should be able to flesh out to wherever you happen to end up, and it not matter that much that you need to adjust things later on etc …

but to that regard, i also dont think its much so an actual technological concern and moreso an architectural creativity concern …

on that level, we should be able to help eachother .


Well written article :slight_smile: I like how you explain Solid without getting into technical details.



Hi, the lastest version of pod-homepage is able to list talks you held, including associated slide files and video recordings.

See example:


This is based on data found starting from :me schema:performerIn. Any feedback on the data model very welcome.