Solidarity - first shot for a 🐈


it’s also alive on a POD ! to do that, i’ve uploaded @jules zip with and just extract .

Solidarity for mobile has migrated


I know he prefers to show only when finished, but I’m glad to inform you that @jucole made good improvement on Solidarity’s UI, specially on Mobile version !

Sure there is a lot to do more and some minor bugs or improvement ( wrong date, wrong name, z-index of popups, infinite-scroll that retrieve message of precedent days …)

But please congratulate & encourage @jucole as we know as developer that it’s at the time when the project is quite finished that this is the most hard to work… many little things to do everywhere…

And feel free to contribute by testing or fixing issues


on firefox esr (debian) trying (not directly in the POD) I experienced a problem with the login-popup as seen here , case test test test will help :wink:


Hi @ewingson, I 've also shown this kind of issue the first time I connect to Solidarity on a new computer. The workaround I found to pass it is just to close that popup, and refresh the main Solidarity page. Could you try this please?


I had that error a long time ago (long before Solidarity). I either raised an issue or asked about it on the Solid chat, and I think Ruben responded but can’t remember the outcome.


I’ve had that message and usually it means that the popupuri I am using is bad.


the f5-procedure didn’ t work, but clicking the blue enter and then login turned out to suceed. in firefox and chrome. see pic. only bitter drop, only after clearing cache…


Well Well Well … You know What??? Solidarity can also be installed on a POD !!! see