Solid sticker and swag?

I have a new(ish) laptop and I would like to deck it out with solid (related) stickers.

So: WHO HAS THE SWAG!!!111!elevenses!11!!!

Or more seriously put: what Solid (and Solid related) stickers are there? How can I get them?

And as a side-note, which stickers do folks already have out there in the wild?

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I’ve been looking for Solid stickers for years, and this year I finally got my hands on some at FOSDEM :D. I got them from the NLNet Foundation, so maybe you can get some if you meet them somewhere.

You can also get some from me if we meet at a conference or something :). Although I don’t attend too many conferences. I’ll be attending the upcoming Solid Symposium though (and it’s very likely that there’ll be other people giving Solid stickers, I suppose).

I also got some stickers with many small Solid logos a while ago, but they were transparent and unfortunately you couldn’t see them at all on a black laptop :(.

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Congratulations on obtaining some swag! I plan to be at the Solid Symposium, so hopefully we can talk then. (About swag as well as less important stuff like Solid Pods :laughing:).

Maybe it is time to start thinking about making our own stickers, although I’m not sure what the legalities are if we (as a community) were to start printing our own Solid stickers.[1] :thinking:

Of course, we (as a company) could create PDS Interop stickers…[2]

PDS Interop Logo

  1. Even after reading the Solid Logo Usage Guidelines · Solid ↩︎

  2. But I am not sure how many people are waiting for one of those… ↩︎

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The Solid Logo is under the CC-BY 4.0 license and was designed by Guillaume Baudusseau.

So you should be good :slight_smile:

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A better link for understanding usage of the logo is this one -


Sadly, despite the amount of information on that page, it does not state anything in the way of legal constraints (i.e. licensing). :disappointed:

The page I linked to does though, and it’s the CC-BY 4.0 licence, which allows you to print stickers. (Not entirely sure what a reasonable manner to give credit is for stickers, but I’m guessing telling people about it when they ask would suffice.)

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Yes, sorry, forgot to respond. :+1: It might be worth adding the license to the aforementioned page. I’d have to look up if/where the source code is and whether MRs are accepted.

Also, it looks like the Solid logo does not match the “standard hex sticker” format. [1]

The sticker must be oriented with a vertex positioned at the top.

Not sure what to do about that, though…

  1. also see NLnet; Hexagons ↩︎

We haven’t revised the sticker policy in years. PRs would be welcome. I’d wait a bit because the site is about to go live with a complete revamp.