Solid Meetup Saxony, Germany

Hi Solid Enthusiasts!

I am very proud to announce that Team 4C is conducting a Solid Community meetup in Leipzig, Germany.

Therefore on behalf of my team, I invite you all to attend this meetup.

Due to the limited number of seats, early registration is strongly recommended to ensure your participation.
Registration link:

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to post them here or in my inbox.

Looking forward to seeing you there! :slight_smile:

Team 4C


Solid Meetup Saxony took place on 20th February 2019 at Leipzig, Germany.

The audience included people actively working on Solid, executives and researchers from Leipzig and Chemnitz.

There was a talk on “How Web strives to be universal and give permission-less innovation”. One of the important discussions was about “You don’t need anyone’s permission to join the Web and launch a new idea.” The audience pointed out that this has changed now a days as you must get permission from app stores to launch new mobile phone application, this comment was well taken by the speaker who then talked about centralization and how big giants are limiting the innovation.

This was followed by a talk on “What is Solid? And how does the ecosystem support Apps, Data and People.” The engagement was very high, it turned out to be a discussion rather than a presentation. Interoperability in Solid was discussed, how it solves the issues of sharing, access and integrating the data in Solid through Linked Data.

A short break gave people socialize and grab some food & drinks.

A couple of startups working in Solid domain presented their product ideas. One of them was Darcy, a company which will allow everyone to run federated social media instances. It will be built on Solid, so you will forever own and control your data.

The event concluded by introducing Solid Community channels such as Forums, Chats. The audience looked excited and asked about the next meetup. It was mentioned that there is another meetup on 27th March in Berlin!

Some interesting rather tough questions were:

  • There are many vocabularies to represent same things, who to follow? Also, if we want everyone to agree on similar vocabulary but then why talk about permission-less innovation?
  • Some free POD service providers could provide PODS in return to access to user’s information. Are we going back to data harvesting?

Awesome :slight_smile:

Nice event and great work. For the questions, in my personal understanding,

  1. Same as most other Internet protocols and standards, one vocabulary is one community. They should be responsible for its own sub-ecosystem surviving and prosperity. At the end of the day, only the most popular one (or a few) in confliction or duplication can out stand. Centralised parties may support or sponsor a particular one but there is no way to force people to “agree” on it.

  2. We must realise that any sustainable service has a reasonable business model. If it’s free to use, It’s better to find out the logic behind the scene. Business model is one of the most essential parts in technology innovation. And it’s also both a challenge and opportunity for us to explore, if we don’t want “going back to data harvesting”