Solid and the EU Copyright Reform

@tuelsch wrote:

“There is a lot of discussion about copyrights in the EU at the moment, regarding the coming copyright reform (?) which would force platforms like youtube and facebook (in fact, all websites with user generated content) to use upload filters for all content. These filters would search for copyright infringements and other illegal content and ban any offensive material. Many people see this as the death of the free internet. I’m no lawyer nor very familiar with either copyrights or the coming reform, so the question is: would a youtube clone based on the solid tech, where every video is saved (in their pod) and owned by the one uploading/sharing, make the need for copyright filters superfluous? Does solid have the potential to “free” the internet once again, even with such laws in place?”

I’d like to invite more conversation on this topic here.

@tuelsch This is an interesting development and relevant issue for this community. In fact, I am participating in a research proposal addressing IPR issues for the EU single digital market, hoping to draw on solid in some way, shape or form. We just started a conversation about that here Looking for partners for H2020 research project.