Solid World – March Q&A

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for who attended Solid World. Here we will continue the Q&A discussion. If you have questions from Solid World - March please ask them here! @codenamedmitri @mrhegemon @RubenVerborgh @oolivo @timbl @Dickvangelder


Thanks for inviting us.

The universal standard for intellectual property is hard to explain in 15 min. The slides were a compact introduction of the whole presentation .

The Solid World presentation is available here: | Control Panel

You can find the books who explain in detail how this creation came to exists, and why it is important that the present system needs to change for the benefit of human kind on Amazon. Search for the writer Alain Souloumiac.

The implementation of this Creafree Standard is our next step. Solid will need to become the backbone for the data while the Blockchain will deliver secure and trustworthy time stamps.

The last French book β€œThe Sovereign Title” will be translated and published on Medium


An excellent event! They keep getting better, and better.