Solid World January 2022

Hello everyone and happy new year!

We had a great start to the year with our first Solid World of 2022 today! A shout out to @Timea for her debut as the new Solid World host :clap:

This month we heard updates from Tim Berners-Lee (@timbl), Ruben Verborgh (@RubenVerborgh), and Oz Olivo (@oolivo), and had presentations from Sarven Capadisli, W3C Solid Community Group Chair, Editor and from Ruben Verborgh, Professor of decentralized Web technology at Ghent University.

Sarven presented on the recent milestone release of Version 0.9 of the Solid Protocol, and what it means for developers.

Ruben presented a vision on query and search across the decentralized Web, and the role that Web APIs play therein.

Please find below the links from each presentation. We will also post on this thread when the recording is up and ready to watch!

General Info about Solid World

Tim’s Update

Recording of Tim’s appearance at the Web Summit: Web Summit 2021 | Day Three - YouTube

Ruben’s Update

The details of IMEC’s announcement and links to various media stories: Flemish government allocates 7 M€ funding for first 2 years of SolidLab Vlaanderen — IDLab - Internet Technology and Data Science Lab — Ghent University

Oz’s Update

Sarven’s Presentation

Ruben’s Presentation


Recording is now online available at: Solid World January 2022 on Vimeo