SAFE and Solid: the internet as it should be

After attending mozfest last weekend and listening to @RubenVerborgh’s great talk: “An introduction to the Solid ecosystem”, I decided to write an article, partly to convey the enthusiasm that Ruben communicated in his talk and partly to try and explain the synergy with the SAFE Network in an accessible fashion.

The blogpost is here.

I welcome any feedback from this community and I will make corrections if you think I misrepresented anything.

Hope you enjoy the read :smile:

P.S: I also created a topic on the SAFE Network forum if you’re interested in cross-community conversations


@pierrechevalier83 Looking good!


Thanks a lot for contributing this. Looking forward to the future!


If you are interested in this conversation, perhaps you would be interested in joining the External Interop and Outreach Panel.