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Hello! Great to see this Discourse forum emerge. Nothing wrong with Gitter but as Solid moves onwards and upwards it deserves a comfortable place for people to stop in and chat (or just lurk and learn if they want to) and this is a much better platform for that. I am a moderator at the safenetforum.org (a Discourse community forum based around MaidSafe’s SAFE Network project - pop on over if you haven’t already) and am happy to share my experience and opinions on what has worked over there. Cheers


it’s great to see solid chats move to this platform. Thanks for setting it up and here’s to a bright new future. Nick


Hello there, I am just looking forward to become familiar with this forum. :smiley:


Great to have you on here @JPL! As someone that’s patrolling the gitter chats every day I can’t tell you how excited I am to have some threaded conversations!!! Would love to hear any tips you might have that can help us make this better :smiley:


Hello everybody!
I’m Sascha from https://safenetforum.org/. I like the forum format much more then the chat format. I have also registered on https://www.solidtalk.io/. Do these two forums exist for different purposes?


Hi everyone! Yet another MaidSafe SAFE Network enthusiast. Very eager to learn more about SOLID and how to implement this in the SAFE Network. Because I want my data to be: SAFE & SOLID


Hey Sascha, I’m struggling a bit to see the need for two distinct forums; I’m afraid it might be confusing for people =/


It’s not really my place to give suggestions as I’m new to SOLID, but I do agree. I think one forum would be better. We have two separate forums for the Safe Network. One for more technical stuff, and one for less technical stuff. But as far as I’m concerned they could be merged and different things could just be discussed under different topics. Maybe @JPL or @hunterlester have some viewpoints.


Hi @Sascha! We wish well anyone that’s enthusiastic about Solid, but we can’t speak on behalf of that forum because we aren’t directly involved with it.

We created this forum to promote interaction and healthy dialog among the Solid community. We wanted to give our core team and awesome network of contributors a place to focus their efforts to make that dialog and interaction as rich and helpful as possible. That’s not to say it can’t happen in other places too - we hope it does!



which lists e.g.
isn’t an official site/list?

Hey there SoLiD community! My name is Nicholas (also @Nigel from the safenetforum) and I’m working with a dev on building a decentralized music player on the SAFE Network, which you can see my original post on the SAFE forums here. That demo is a bit dated and we’re completely rebuilding it with SAFE’s new API’s and their work with integrating SoLiD so that our application, along with all others on SAFE can easily access the powers/benefits of storing data in RDF! We’ll be using JSON-LD and some of the more well known ontologies for music and we’ll be sharing our journey with some of Maidsafe’s team working on making RDF, XOR URL’s, etc, as easy, and accessible as possible for app developers.

Personally I’m really excited and like quite a few other SAFEr’s we see a great opportunity for cross pollination. The SAFE Network is the perfect place for SoLiD as it can be highly accessible, baked right in, auth is already taken care of, storage of a users data is simple and taken care of. I like that we have a fresh start with SAFE too. Obviously the legacy internet could really use some help and it shouldn’t be entirely abandoned but the SAFE Network is the perfect medium to show the true power of RDF and socially linked data through apps, blogs, music, all data!

Hope I’m not coming on too strong here but I would just like to reiterate how important I think the work you’re doing is going forward and hope we as a community of like minded individuals with very similar goals, can show the world together that everyone can own their data, privately, securely, and have the benefits of SoLiD tech, without even having to think about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers everyone! Onward and upward.


Neither https://github.com/codyburleson/notes-on-solid or https://www.solidtalk.io/ are official resources by the Solid/Inrupt team.


Hi everyone, also new here, also excited about SoLiD and also from the SAFE Network (I work at MaidSafe, but in the backend so not directly with RDF etc.)

Like @nkoteskey, I think there is a huge synergy between SoLiD which can decouple data and apps for good and the SAFE Network which can ensure you maintain secure ownership of your data.

Happy to be a member of this forum so hopefully I can learn a ton about the progress this community is making and get a detailed picture of what you’re building :smile:

Exciting times :wink:


Hi everyone, I’m glad I managed to install the solid server on my raspberry behind apache2 server… Its work! :slight_smile: and known i want to discover more about the good usage of SoliD… Many thanks to aim a secure Network for our personnal data


Hi everyone, I’m very glad to see this forum now available as it’s much better for technical discussions than on gitter, well on my own little experience with it at least. I’m also part of the SAFE Network community, and MaidSafe, working towards having APIs which can help developers and users to adopt RDF and linked data for their applications. Me, as many others see the SAFE Network as an excellent option for SOLID PODs and identity, and/or several other aspects. I’m looking forward to see how both projects can complement each other in this journey of decentralising the internet and web.


Morning all!

Also super happy to have somewhere (threaded :stuck_out_tongue: ) to chat about RDF / SOLID apps and decentralizing our data!

I’m also joining after hearing about the new forum over in the SAFE community. I’m part of the team that’s been working on decentralized identity / social networks (patter.js) atop some SOLID inspired RDF on the safe network.


Hi Solid and all people at Inrupt. I am currently working on solutions how to solve the ‘Consent Dilemma’ the GDPR is facing in Europe. I do that as a young motivated Master in Economics at a German Unoversity. Solid seems to be one possible approach and I just love the idea. If you need someone communicating Solid in Germany, please dear Team contact me. I would love to help you spreading the ideas you are working on so hard. Do you need someone in charge of your “community relations” in Europe? Best regards from Germany!


Hi All. I’ve been somewhat active with SOLID for about two weeks now and I wanted to add my “hello team” to this thread. Going to keep it short with a little introduction about me; I’m Flemish and I am working as a front-end web developer at Deloitte Digital in Düsseldorf, Germany. I started building my first site on Geocities back in the old days of DHTML and table-layouts, but eventually taught myself how to build websites according to the latest standards. Web Technology is evolving at light-speed and there are really a thousand open-source projects I would like to contribute to; but I was really moved by the original idea behind SOLID and so I decided recently to contribute here anyway I can. Currently I would like to focus on fixing blocking issues within solid/solid-panes and I would like to learn all about linked data and RDF. Fascinating topics!


Solidtalks was not an official forum no. I think it’s also shut down now actually as I haven’t been able to access the site for a couple of days.

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Hi! I’m active in this field since some years and started by participating in the WebID group. I developed RDF-Ext and helped shaping the RDFJS spec and library. I hope the SoLiD server part becomes more modular, so I can use it in some of my projects.