Just saying hello


Hey just wanted to say hello and that I am interested in the Solid ecosystem as it fits the vision I am currently working on for the future of news and personal data management. Happy to connect with anyone who’s open to sharing their thoughts on the future of data storage and consumer rights. I’ll be that the Unintended Consequences of Technology conference next week from Monday-Tuesday in SF if you’re there and want to connect.

Let me know if you haven’t registered and I am happy to share the discount code I got from them.



I see I am way ahead of where sold actually is. You were mentioned on CNBC this morning as something to replace Facebook. I dislike facebook so I naturally took a look and now it seems you are a site for developers, etc. Best of luck and hope someone comes up with a replacement for facebook.


I am also completely turned off by Facebook and am curious to explore Solid some more. Although I have to admit that this forum is much more fun than my Solid Pod at this point in development.


Hello - I’m new to the forum although I have been tracking Solid for a little while and was able to attend the Decentralized Web summit this year in San Francisco. I’ve been involved in the web since the early 90’s and share a lot of the concerns about the left turn it took at the beginning of the 2000’s. I have been working on building large scale websites for most of the last decade but I am very excited to be having to relearn my trade. I am particularly interested in the areas of Payments and Messaging and would be interested to meet anyone who shares those.


Hello - I’m a french student in engineering (informatic and network). I discovered Solid a few montg ago with the open letter of Tim Berners-Lee and was very excited about it. So now I do my last school project on Solid.
With a friend we manage to install a Solid server on a Raspberrypi and try to developp an android app wich work with solid server. I think we don’t have the knowledge to really help to solve issue etc etc but we will do our best and I hope our newbbie point of vue will be helpful :slight_smile:

PS: sorry for the all the mistake in my writting


Hello World: This is my first post on Solid. Nice to be with you today! I think the Internet is overdue for a fresh start. I’m looking forward to following the development of Solid. I’ve been a fan of open-source for many years and joined a local Linux user’s group a decade or two ago. The group has been exceedingly helpful in exposing me to new things. I hope to have a similar experience here. I am a user, not a developer. I hope to find a place in this community.


Hi @Erwin, I’m living in Lyon.
I think this could help you https://solidpodit.com/solid-pod-server-creation/

I’ve made some webapp with Polymer that plug to Solid if you’re interested in.


Hi @Smag0!
I managed to do all that but this tutorial confirm me that I did right. The only things I made different was that I used a self-signed certificate (just for the developement time).
But this leads to issue when I want to connect a client to the server: OIDC do not accept self signed certificate. (and I still have not solve that. I have a topic about it)


@Erwin Just for the interest of referring the thread you mentioned, here it is: Disable security certificate with @solid/cli :slight_smile:


hi all, interest in people soberinity