Just saying hello


Hey just wanted to say hello and that I am interested in the Solid ecosystem as it fits the vision I am currently working on for the future of news and personal data management. Happy to connect with anyone who’s open to sharing their thoughts on the future of data storage and consumer rights. I’ll be that the Unintended Consequences of Technology conference next week from Monday-Tuesday in SF if you’re there and want to connect.

Let me know if you haven’t registered and I am happy to share the discount code I got from them.



I see I am way ahead of where sold actually is. You were mentioned on CNBC this morning as something to replace Facebook. I dislike facebook so I naturally took a look and now it seems you are a site for developers, etc. Best of luck and hope someone comes up with a replacement for facebook.


I am also completely turned off by Facebook and am curious to explore Solid some more. Although I have to admit that this forum is much more fun than my Solid Pod at this point in development.