Question about SolidOS

I just noticed a chat on solidOS on the gitter channels. It sounds really good.

If anyone cares to explain to outsiders like me here on the forum, I’d be really interested to know what it is, where its been and where its going, and how much we can know at this point.

I don’t intend to try to join in or disrupt it. I just find it hard to stay in my compartment.


@michielbdejong is busy with that :slight_smile: he is a good person to ask

Michiel is probably best to answer, but AFAIK it’s just another name people have been using for what’s also known as the data browser, mashlib, solid-panes, or the web version of data kitchen.


Thanks Vincent. I understood that but since it’s being called the operating system for Solid, I’m assuming it will be pretty important and it will be good for us to know where it stands now and where it’s going without having to go through the code or being expected to contribute.

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