Sol - a command line and interactive shell tool for Solid


I have created solid-shell-client, a console-based version of solid-auth-client supporting login, persistent sessions, and fetch for the console with the same API as solid-auth-client but based on solid-cli.

I have also created sol, a command-line and interactive shell illustrating some of the capabilities of the console client. [Edit : new link to the solid-shell release which is sol but separated from its original home inside solid-file-client]

From the command line, you can do things like this:

sol upload /public/mysite file1 file2 folderX/*

To use it in the interactive shell

sol shell

If sol is found to be useful, I’m thinking it should be more of a group project than solely belonging to me. Lots of things to be done - internationalization, asci-tables, plugin API for including other apps, etc. etc.

I would also very much value suggestions on names and locations. It’s all bundled with solid-file-client for now, but sol and solid-shell-client probably deserve distros of their own.

Solid-auth-cli - browserless persistent login
Solid-file-client v0.3,0 now includes upload/download/copy

Nice tool, which is indeed useful.

One can easily run it with npx as well, to try it out without installing, e.g.:

npx solid-file-client read /profile/card

Just one thing: I am not really comfortable with storing my password in a json file. Another option would be nice.


You could for example have a sol login command which queries the credentials from the user and then just stores the token to a file, but not the password.


Good ideas, thanks! I am in the process of moving sol to its own repo and disentangling it from solid-file-client. And thanks for reminding me about the npx thing. I specifically put sol in as both bin and script in the package.json so it could work with npx but then forgot to document that. :slight_smile:


I’ve implemented your suggestion - if no password is specified, sol will prompt you for one and hide your typing with asterisks to block people from reading over your shoulder.


@aveltens yes, thanks, the npx trick is now documented in the README. And the command is

   npx sol read /profile/card