Trouble logging in via solid-shell

I am trying to access private data via @jeffz’s solid-shell, but the authentication seems not to work. I placed a .solid-auth-cli-config.json in my home directory like this:

  "idp" : "",
  "username" : "xyz",
  "password": "correct-password",
  "base": ""

Trying to access a private directory fails with 401

▶ npx sol shell
logging in ...
logged in
> rf /private
fetching from
401 (Unauthenticated)

Investigating this, I found out that the session resolved from fc.login( ) is undefined

Sorry, it is using an old solid-auth-cli. Change the version of solid-auth-cli in the package.json to 1.0.10 and run npm install and the login for solid-shell should work. But if you’re looking for copy-folder … the new solid-file-client is due out next week and has a much updated copy-folder. I’ll need to fix solid-shell to use it.


Ah thanks, I am actually aiming for copy-folder, so I will wait for the new version and an updated solid-shell.

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