Set Up a Pod, Need to Change E-mail Address

Struggling a bit with the UI. I’m closing down the e-mail account I set my pod up with, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change that e-mail address within the Pod. Any help much appreciated.

I don’t know if there is any UI for it (at least I haven’t found any), but if this is your own pod server, you can change it in the (real) filesystem.

Look in the .db/oidc/users directory on your server, and you will find 2 directories there - users and users-by-email.

In the users-by-email directory there are some _key files, named after the username and email address - I I think you can just change the email address in the filename there. Those files are for account recovery I guess.

In the users directory you will find other _key files with more profile data inside, so you can update the email there as well. I think those are used by the profile card, but not 100% sure.

This is on a 5.x server with oidc auth enabled - not sure if it’s same structure with 4.x/TLS server.

In any case, be careful and take a backup of those files before you change them!

Thanks @ztein; much appreciated.
Unfortunately, this is not my own.
This is one set up on – not sure who to access those files there, even if it’s possible?

You could try to change the email setting at, but I fear that this only changes the email address applications will use, not the one the server uses.