How can I delete my account on a Solid POD provider?

TL;DR: Send an email to from the email associated with the account you want removed. Please note which POD provider you want us to remove the account from and/or

As we’re rapidly working to emerge from prototype status, there are a number of regular use capabilities that we’re just beginning to incorporate into the system. The ability for a user to delete their own account is one of those things. This is a work in progress, and it will soon be merged into a new release that will enable it. Until that is in place, you can send an email to from the email that you created the account with.

Please note which servers you want to delete the account from ( and/or If your POD is hosted on another POD provider we will not be able to assist.


A followup on this: New accounts will now have a link to the API where you can delete your account (given that you registered with an email).

If your account is older than the release that contained these changes, there are some URLs you can check out:

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