How to start with pod browser

I signed up with
Then logged in to pod browser . After that I don’t know what is next. I tried to add a contact by adding the user name( but its asking to add “WebID” what is WebID .

The webId is the solid user id. In your case it is“yourName”/profile/card#me
On other server like NSS like the webId looks like https://“userName”
The webId is permanent. With you webId you can login and are given authorization on part of the pod your are loging in.

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Hi @ThomasJ,

@bourgeoa gave a good explanation of a WebID. To give examples, my WebIDs are and on the ESS and NSS servers hosted by Inrupt respectively.

Some documentation relating to PodBrowser can be found at FAQ — Inrupt PodBrowser. If you have specific questions, you can reach out to Inrupt Support at Jira Service Management.


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I also tripped up on trying to understand what WebID is, so I’m both somewhat relieved and concerned that it’s not immediately intuitive even to folks in technology.

I think I saw it in a confirmation email from one of the pods I created but not sure about all.

That certain solid pod hosts don’t utilize web id in a consistent fashion can also be confusing.

But infancy and baby steps.

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