Replace Facebook!

Let me know if we are any where near working on a replacement for facebook… i would be happy to work on it. It needs to be capable of migrating peoples existing fb accounts so they dont have to start all over… or maybe there could be tools to help them do this… or documentation to help people recreate friends lists etc… thanks

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Besides your friends list (and how to contact them), what are some other types of data of value? Matthew Patrick has been working on this but we’re not sure what is worth downloading. As for a user’s friends list, we’ve studied the Facebook policy and it appears rather clear a user is not permitted to download, scrape, or otherwise use any information on their friends.

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facebook… google… all these programs are a natural result of people wanting to communicate to all kinds of people… their friends… people who have common interests like politics… for me its bernie sanders and the progressive movement that resulted from the 2016 heist… i mean race… its the ability to circumvent the capitalist system and escape the barriers to entry that the capitalist system is even though it pretends to provide opportunity… for instance i retired in 2012 and became an independent journalist… i could have never done this without youtube and facebook. Yes i havent made any money at it but i love it and i will continue banging away at it. But i wouldnt be doing it at all without the net and fb and youtube… at the same time youtube google facebook and any of the oligarch owned programs… websites… they are all trying to interfere with this great revolution in communications… they claim and act like they are free to violate the constitution and bully anyone using their platform… and they do… i was just banned from posting or commenting for three days for a grammer nazi meme i posted to someone who had no arguement and there for decided to criticize another persons position (which was solid) based on their grammer… it was a joke… it was a cat dressed up in a ss uniform with all the symbals changed… so their were no swastikas… instead they had a g on their patch… for grammer nazi… it didnt even use the word nazi… it said you think grammer is a mother fking game??? it was a joke… im sure many of you are familiar with grammer / spelling nazi memes… and its a legit response to a grammer / spelling attack anyway the point is that it was a rediculous thing to ban me for and that was in march… 6 months later they ban me for it again… clearly facebooks auto banning is badly programmed and out of control… and there is no longer a person at the helm… unlike last time they didnt have a way to send a message or ask a question… so …there are many reasons this being just one why we need a replacement… as for data… arent you aware of the fact that facebook stays in business by selling user data?

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facebook is selling their users data… and in total control of it… in fact i wouldnt be surprised if they technicly own it

a better answer to your question is theres tons of stuff fb does that isnt simply email/personal messaging capabilities… as i explained i host my news channel on there… if youre on facebook get on there and friend me… i will over time try and explain to you all that i do on there… i have at least 20 groups… the most active involve the environment… policing… politics of course… my news group… facebook has the notifications… the newsfeed…your timeline of course and personal messaging which can be used like a telephone or you can use it like skype now… that covers most of it but it doesnt really explain the multitude of ways that can be used for ordinary people to create places for people to broadcast… and they can go live… they can go live on youtube too… if your not familiar with the alternate platform youtube has become you should be… and they are very much active in facebook… so you have the young turks… jimmy dore… kyle kalinskys secular report… mike figaredos humanist report etc all bradcasting on youtube… sometimes live and then in facebook you have multiple people hosting user groups… kind of like fan sites… where people discuss this stuff… post stuff… post pictures argue a lot etc…does that answer your question about the kinds of functions facebook is performing besides just a friends list and contacting them??? facebook and plaforms like facebook are WAY too important now to be run by private individuals… they need the us constitution and regulating in a fair way

We will still need public spaces to debate things, thats for sure. Its no good if everybody just hides in their pods.

Here’s some things I learned here and on the solid chat channels, the hard way:

None of this is finished, easy to use or secure at this point. That is old news to everybody here so it’s better to file issues on GitHub than to complain in general.

Code and/or testing is much more appreciated than observations and commentary. When you have working code to share, your observations carry a lot more weight.

That said, it’s still good to speculate and dream big.


Hmm, it can be interesting, but I think Facebook Policy don’t allow you to import this data

you can download some if not all of your data