Inrupt Solid Facebook, Youtube replacements where when and how?

Ok… i looked through the catagories and posts but didnt see what im looking for… its an obvious thing too… so… how and where are we developing replacement sites for facebook youtube and the other major pain in the ass private sites that everyone is screeming for replacements for?

You might have a look at Switching Social. They are very active on Mastodon, btw (decentralized Twitter alternative).


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Well i got on mastadon but it doesnt really seem to be doing what i need… i have to recreate the facebook experience… get all my friends … make my groups…

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FWIW, I’m also looking for a “Solid” replacement to Facebook that I can encourage my friends to use.

Thanks to aschrijver for the Mastadon recommendation. That’ll have to do for now!

(Remember when folks talked about breaking up the all-powerful MySpace?)

ive been on mastadon for months now… nothing happening there… havent managed to do what i do on facebook which is to have an account thats all about bernie and politics where i have a show called progressive news thats on youtube but i have a facebook group for people who watch it… and then i have another fb account with all my old friends… that i have even less hope for on mastadon… it took years to track down all those people and im not even sure i want to try to get them to join me on mastadon as i still havent really figured out how it works… i guess you follow people… is it that simple? how do you find them? lol well i have to admit i have no incentive to learn mastadon and grow it when i have to spend hours on facebook and youtube to get my stuff done… so maybe what solid needs is a way to migrate your facebook and youtube over to solid platforms… is that possible ?? i know i couldnt migrate or export your friends list could it?

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@MajorHeadrush What is your goal with looking at Mastadon / Solid? Are you looking for an alternative to using facebook and youtube?

Tim Berners-Lee said it pretty well in his Tedtalk, everyone has to do it. Thats sort of the drag with Mastadon and other social networks. Everyone is comfortable (and addicted to?) FB and all the others and if their friends/family aren’t on it, it’s hard to get them to switch.

Mastadon is cool, you can host your own server, invite your group to join, and even create their own server as well! You own your messages/images/etc.

If you are looking to switch I don’t believe, as far as I have seen, solid will be a place to do that anytime soon.

Current social sites are free, they pillage data, and server you all sorts of advertising. If you want to get off of them and own your data you’ll need to spend some $, but it doesn’t have to be that much.

I would suggest you spin up a Peertube site yourself, start posting your videos on that and you could share/embed the video with your current following on FB. Super easy since it sounds like your viewers already exist somewhere outside of youtube. You could even create new episodes on Youtube that say, go to to watch the current episode.

Peer tube is federated youtube, you install all the software on your own server (DigitalOCean, Vultr etc) and you can upload just like youtube, super easy, you can do it from your phone as well. You can share, embed, etc.

I would start the switch to peertube first get your followers stoked on the fact that there are alternatives to the massive sites that exist, than they may follow you onto Mastadon or another service like that.

If you have questions let me know!

Good Luck!

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