Is Inrupt for Taking Back the Internet?

im a journalist so my basic understanding was that the guy who kind of started the internet… i forget his name but i know hes the energy behind inrupt… that he felt like the establishment / corporations… oligarchs what have you are working on controling the net… i understood inrupt as his first push back… it was described as a way for the people to lock out powerful/rich etc people from controling people online… basicly to keep it from just being another tv network or what have you…

thats why you see me posting topics like where is the inrupt facebook replacement… if were going to take back the net we need to replace essential utilities like facebook because thats EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE … ESSENTIAL UTILITIES, just like electricity… the telephone etc… government isnt going to do this so when i saw a guy who apparently can get things done out to change the net and make some part of it free of corporate / private censorship and control i was understandably very interested… we need a google replacement… we need a chrome replacement… we need a youtube replacement… things like this need to be OWNED by their users…

i think im just impatient… from my reading of other posts inrupt solid is still in the early stages… trying to just get servers up and stuff like that… trying to get the programming done etc… if thats the case i wish you all good luck… but at the same time ive seen mastadon and use it since one of you suggested it to me and i like it and eventually i will use it as a twitter replacement … i never use twitter… i can do everything it does and more on facebook so why use it? So there are already inrupt based programes sites out there… so thats what makes me wonder why not fb??? and certainly why not chrome and why not google??? … theyre certainly easier… if im not mistaken google was first programmed by a couple of engineering students at stanford… not exactly difficult id say.

Hi @MajorHeadrush
Everyone, at a moment has been ‘new’ to Solid and has tried to understand what it can do better than other products.
I think the first thing to do is to try.
I’ve seen on another post that you have tried to install solid-server and had some problem but it’s not a good point to start.
The first thing is to get a PoD on, for example

Have you create a POD?
If not, you can register for one or more.
Then you will want to put some data on it .
In the public folder then can be accessed by everyone, in the private, only by you ( you can share some folder after) .
Start with the ‘public’ folder with some data that is not confidential.
You can store lot of type of data like jpg, png, json, txt, html… But the most important think you have to know is Turtle syntax
and the principle of relationship in Semantic Web.

The default databrowser is sure not friendly but you can do some stuff as described here or
Other doc can be found Beginner needs help

Then when you have some data on your pod(s) you can notify some friends, you can also link it to other data stored on someone else POD ( thxs to turtle :turtle:) and propose apps that use those data’s : yours and your friend’s .

I don’t think the aim behind Solid is to absolutely replace Facebook or Chrome, it’s just a way to give you the power to manage your data as you want.
Perhaps is it not what you expected but it is a good start for me and I know it’s more easy to post on Facebook that to create a ttl file…
If you have more questions, let us know :blush:

Hey! thanks a lot for the info… i will get a pod and i will start adding stuff… where is the stuff kept? is it on a server some where? how do i know private info cant be accessed by the owner of the server? its all very interesting… and i am learning… i liked what i heard from the guy who started all this… i watched a couple of interviews… i think his goal is to replace facebook and youtube etc or at least to create a system where facebook and google can no longer harrass people over content and sell their info…at least thats what i got out of watching the interviews

As a general rule, do not add private data to any of the servers yet - they’re there for testing and allowing people to get to know the technologies.

great ill keep that in mind…

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