Solid and Mastodon

Hi everyone, I am beginning to build a fork of Mastodon that uses Solid to manage accounts, rather than making accounts inherently linked to a server (though my idea would still require users to interact with mastodon through the given server).

I’ve decided to do this because it seems that account and post migration is still one of the biggest headaches for Mastodon users… and there is no consensus around a solution yet despite years of discussion on the topic.

An initial high-level review of both Solid and Mastodon makes me think that Solid could elegantly solve Mastodon’s account portability problem. But before I get too deep in, I want to make sure I’m properly understanding what Solid is for and how to use it. To me this makes sense at a high level but can anyone give me an informed second opinion about whether this is actually a good idea?

I’ve included a rough diagram of what I have in mind at the bottom of this post.

Also, if you do think this is a good idea, please feel free to jump in and join the discussion on GitHub or check out the forked repo, which is linked in the discussion.



Hey, there was another project trying to bridge Mastodon (well, ActivityPub) and Solid. You can read about it in this other thread: ActivityPods: adding intelligence to Solid PODs with ActivityPub - #12 by srosset81

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Great find! I’ll check it out!

I think this is a great idea. I was going to mention ActivityPods but someone has already done so. I believe integrating Solid into the Fediverse at large is a great idea and absolutely resolves the over reliance upon the instances, account portability and not needing to having multiple accounts to access each of the Fediverse services.