Could my pod be a Mastodon instance?

Probably just a silly idea, but would it make sense to combine a pod and a single user Mastodon instance in a single combined thing?


@aveltens did that as an experiment and got quite far, though it’s not a simple thing to do: Discussion: Solid vs. ActivityPub - #34 by aveltens

More details in German on his blog: Mit Solid nach Mastodon posten, geht das? | Datenwissen

But the summary is: you can get quite far theoretically, but it’s only a proof-of-concept and it’s not clear how well it’ll work in practice. I also don’t expect it to work with every Solid server.


Thank you for the write up! It’s interesting to see how far you got with it. It seems like it would be possible to write a Solid app that would basically be a Fediverse client through the pod, with minor changes to the pod required?

That’s promising.

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You should talk with @srosset81 :slight_smile:

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Thanks @GuillaumeAV

Indeed with the ActivitPods architecture, it’s possible to have one POD account for many type of ActivityPub applications. It would not be difficult to write a small applications which post Notes understood by Mastodon.

I’ve come to realize recently that this architecture would be a way to go around a current limitation in ActivityPub: if you want to post messages, you must create an account on Mastodon. If you want to post videos, you must create an account on Peertube, etc. The diversity of applications is good, but the need to create multiple accounts is non-sense. With ActivityPods, it would be possible to have only one ActivityPub account (your POD) used by many different applications.