Words of Encouragement

As paradoxical as this sounds, I posted a description of Solid on my Facebook page and was really impressed with the response. Admitedly my followers are a combination of ancient lefties and twenty-something Burning Man types, but check out this response. I weeded out the responses from techies, these are all from non-techy friends:

  • Its nice to know 1984 tactics may be obsolete soon.

  • This is a spark of hope in my oppinion.

  • This is such an incredible breath of fresh air!

  • How exciting is this news!

  • Omg! That’s amazing and wonderful!

  • This is the most encouraging thing I’ve heard in a long time.

  • This is so rad. The web is such an incredible powerful tool with the right intention and access … and then all that other jazz that mucks up the works.

  • What a timely effort. People are hungry for an internet in which we are not fodder for fb and others.

  • HELL YES this is awesome.


Wonderful share! Thank you. Made me smile and reassured me this is the way to go. I am "evangelizing’ Solid among my friends too. (I also keep a collection of blank stares :slight_smile: But mostly people aka, great, but How, Where do I log in :)))