Humane Tech Community is becoming more Solid.. maybe? ;)

Hi solidly grounded people,

I have some interesting news for the Solid project to share. I have resigned as Community Lead of the Humane Tech Community because of my realization that “Small is Huge” (Aral Balkan of the Fediverse taught me that, with his cool vision of Small Tech. Please contact him about the concept. It is of utmost importance to humane tech). And so now I can prepare a little well-earned vacation, a small roadtrip and some have some well-earned rest. I call it a Job Vacation and I will try to crowdfund it ethically and sustainably, ha ha. Because I care about this world. It is inherently decentralized in all it’s living cells and molecules.

My new job type will be: Apprentice cook for life and small pyramid builder :smile:
(I don’t use titles, as they are just labels: nameless things, no good RDF triples in them).

Talk to you soon, after my travels bring me home again…

May you all flourish and thrive as you stand on the Solid grounds of Tim Berner’s Lee, building firm groundwork and foundations, on which Pyramids can rest their secret chambers of human value.

Your friend truly,

Small guy

PS. Important. HTC still wants to have this under wraps just a little bit, so please hush, hush for now :shushing_face:

Just offer your kind real help - as now they need it most - and they will show real gratitude back. Hence, no social network involvement needed as yet.