Beauty in technology - a reflection

Hello everyone,

I am no one of any importance - just an unemployed professional thinker (joke).

I am late to the game. I have only just learned about this project, SOLID, which I find to be an ironic name for such a flexible design concept. I predict the inherent flexibility found here is probably what will solidify this project as the next level in web technology.

I think this project is a work of technological poetry.

I want to magnify the implications of your software, which will likely inspire even more profound advancements in elevating the internet to where we all know it should be.

From what I have gathered about this project, it is an amalgam of the best of everything we have developed so far in the realm of information security - the safety and protection of PKI, the decentralized availability of PGP, and the convenience of Single Sign On.

This is a much more flexible solution than what I was imagining we would arrive at. I am realizing that trends set in cyberspace are often corralled towards highly flexible solutions instead of static, breakable solutions.

It makes the future look beautiful from my perspective because you are fixing a 70 year-old mistake.

Since the 1950’s, we have been building a market system centered around credit, and based on the concept of identity. Convenience is what drove this system, but it was built without the consideration that an identity could be stolen. A lot of lives were ruined because of this lack of foresight. The suffering will not have been in vain if we can learn from our mistakes and incorporate failure considerations into our future systems. I just hope we get it right. Especially the SSO aspect.

I am really excited about this project, I think it will improve the world. I also thank all of the people that are building it - so much intelligence! Your contributions will reach far into the future, giving data ownership back to the people. Thank you!


Beautifully spoken too, no named stranger :slight_smile:
Entirely agree.

PS. I have a name, but am very small, aspiring to be smaller, and also unemployed (sort of, joke).