Pod install error ENAMETOOLONG: name too long

Solid newcomer here. Let me clarify: I am flabby, not solid, newly arriving to your wonderful Solid Project. I’m trying to follow the instructions at Setting up your own Solid server · Solid . Solid installed without a hitch, but when I try to create a pod with persistent storage, I get the error:

Blockquote 2022-08-11T21:00:34.681Z [WrappedExpiringStorage] {Primary} error: Error during interval callback: Failed to remove expired entries - ENAMETOOLONG: name too long, stat ‘/home/eric/.internal/locks/aHR0cDovL2xvY2FsaG9zdDozMDAwLy5pbnRlcm5hbC9sb2Nrcy9hSFIwY0RvdkwyeHZZMkZzYUc5emREb3pNREF3THk1cGJuUmxjbTVoYkM5c2IyTnJjeTh1WTI5MWJuUSUzRC5jb3VudA==’

Why is it trying to create such a long filename, and how do I make it stop? I would imagine many others have encountered this.

Thank you!

OS is Linux/Ubuntu Jammy

Which Solid Server? NSS? CSS? Which version of the server? You might get more specific help in the server-specific chat rooms CommunitySolidServer/community - Gitter or solid/node-solid-server - Gitter.

Oh, sorry Jeff, yes, the server type is the Community Solid Server (CSS), running under Node with

npm -g @solid/community-server


user@computer:~$ npm list -g
├── @solid/community-server@5.0.0
├── npm@7.6.1
└── serve@11.3.2

I’ll re-ask in the CommunitySolidServer/community - Gitter. Thank you for the pointer!


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