Trying to set up a new pod - Fixed

I’m trying to set up a new pod using the instructions on , but I’m getting an error when I start the pod up:

solid:authentication Error registering a new client: { FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED

Which is bit odd, as is the new server I’m setting up and it’s trying to connect to itself.

Any help would be appreciated


Hmmmm, those kinds of errors can be hard to track down. The first think that comes to mind is that there is a firewall somewhere, that blocks the machine’s external interface from internal communication. I’ve been there, done that, spend hours on it without even getting a tee-shirt :wink:

If the request was completely internal, you would have seen it connecting on, so it is an internal request, trying to the external interface, then getting blocked.

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The firewall seems to be OK. Is it usual for the solid server to connect to itself at at startup?

Where do you see that error message? Is it from the POD server log or is it from your browser when you try logging in?

Solved it!

If anyone else sees the same issue, it’s a permissions issue on the https certificate - the solid user I set up didn’t have access (root only) so the server (silently) failed to start. Fixing the permissions solved the problem.

Thanks for the suggestions

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