Pod inside a pod in CSS

I have set up a Community Solid Server on my system(self-hosted). Is it possible to create a pod inside another pod, without restarting the server?. Any help would be appreciable.

What do you mean with a pod inside a pod?

To create a solid pod under another solid pod, without restarting server

Maybe I’m missing some knowledge regarding what you want, but I still don’t get what you mean. If you explain it in more detail, I could maybe help (or maybe not, lets see). For instance, explain the use case in detail, or how you would achieve what you want with a server restart.

My ideal scenario would be a parent pod - A and inside A, two child pods B & C. If my knowledge is correct, I can create pods in a single location at a time , starting the CSS using command , for instance npm start – -c config/quota-file.json -f ‘path to ur pod’. But if I need to create a pod in a different location as is my scenario, you need to restart the server , specifying the new path. Is there a way we can create the pods in a directory - subdirectory structure, as is my use case.

I don’t think that’s possible with the current CSS implementation and I guess it would require a non-trivial amount of work to modify CSS such that this works (but ask on the CSS repo if you want to know for sure, I’m only guessing this because it would require some basic principles such as 1 url corresponds to 1 pod to be reconsidered).

This might be a XY problem. So if you want, you could explain your use case of nested pods and maybe there’s a different easier solution.


Specification says:

When a server supports multiple storages, the URIs MUST be allocated to non-overlapping space.

So if you talk about overlapping URI, that’s ruled out.

If you talk about overlapping folders in your server’s filesystem, that i don’t know…

As already said, it might help if you share the deeper problem you try to solve…