Not allowed to mention Solid / Web 3.0 on Web Hosting Talk

I’ve been trying to ramp up my posts on the massive but soulless WebHostingTalk, needing a mere 10 but difficult posts to attain a necessary advertising posting level. In a few places there were appropriate opportunities to mention Solid and “Web 3.0”. I even started a thread on the topic, attempting to initiated intelligent conversation which is in short supply with the drones there there.

Overmoderation came from all corners, posts have been deleted, and I’ve received two warnings. One forbade me from ever mentioning Web 3.0 again:

“Please leave off dropping “WEB 3.0” in all the posts you make unless the thread is actually about that or a very related topic where someone else has mentioned it. This is being removed.”

There is not much talk about true future hosting - VPS is about as modern as it gets there. Blockchain hosting is certainly not a popular item either.

Meanwhile, I remain on 6 posts, each new one scrutinized by at least several over zealous moderators.

Revolution is a struggle. Doesn’t matter how good the idea or implementation is, when Power is threatened.


Did they say anything of why they prefer you to drop “WEB 3.0” in your posts?

It could be that they confuse it with web3, which is a marketing term used by many blockchain enthusiasts. You might want to use the term Linked Data instead, which is a more precise term. If you for some reason need it, you might also tag Semantic Web, which is an older term that was used a lot before.

(I hope this is accurate - the semantics of these terms are, ironically, sometimes up for dispute, but this is how I understand it at least.)

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Thanks for the reply. They said I appeared to be promoting a business or conflict of interest, which sounded like they thought “web 3.0” was a business. I don’t even like the term but it’s relevant for the phase shift coming. But two posts about Solid and linked data were taken down.

I’m not spending any more time on there after I post what I need to in another forum. Intelligent discussions best left for other places.

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