Nodejs Solid Server on mobile


Has anybody created (or attempted) a node.js solid server on a mobile device – android or IOS?

Somebody has created a node.js server that runs on Android, IOS and React. In theory it should be possible to bring the standard solid server on top of that and I’d like to try it, but has anybody tried it yet?

Even node-solid-server on node.js on termux counts, although this seems too heavy other than prototyping.

Why would I want that? In short so that my game/app can work without an internet connection and it will help with usability if my user doesn’t have to register for a solid pod (yes, I know everyone should have one, but they don’t yet). The long version probably deserves a separate topic in another category.

I know that the client library has some caching (not sure of the details), so that may be an alternative with code changes. Permissions and administration can be a problem and there are plenty issues to work out, but let’s start slowly.

Development of an Android App