New to Solid - Compatibility?

So I’m brand new to Solid. I’ve had a similar vision for my entire career in Software development. I’ve built several systems over the years that make is possible for users to manage their own data. My latest iteration is My vision for FireStudio is very much the same as Solid.

Solid has a much broader audience than FireStudio. But I was wondering, is there room for multiple iterations of platform software that can talk to each other? Like is there a standard for which Solid will communicate. That way I could build FireStudio to be compatible with solid.

So my vision is for FireStudio to be place where data is stored and shared. How can I ensure that it can talk to Solid Pods? Like for messaging and sharing?


Actually Solid is a standard, or more specifically a collection of standards. It would be great, if you make FireStudio Solid compatible. This way, Solid apps could use Firebase as storage for example.

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Oh! That’s amazing! From everything I’ve heard/read so far, Solid was a software package written in Node. So are “Pods” implementations of the Solid spec?


The Node Solid server is just one implementation of the spec. A testsuite is in development so that other implementation can assert they conform.

POD ist short for personal online datastore. Solid highly decouples serveral aspects like identity, authentication, and storage. A POD provides storage for your data.

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I think POD means BaaS that follows LDP standard and WebID. So if your project supports LDP and WebID, SoLiDApps can store data easily to your platform.

Thank you so much for the clarification! I am starting to see the method behind the madness :slight_smile:

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Is it also true that node-solid-server is the only implementation of the (server-side requirements) of the spec? i.e. that firestudio could be the second ever & first PHP one?

That is an amazing thought. The vision for FireStudio is so that people who run these servers can control their data. The suite provides tools for building out API structures and managing Users and groups who can access the data to write and read.

I have a lot to understand about the Spec itself, but definitely want to jump on board with this idea. Just need to see how far off I am right now from the Spec.

Almost a year ago I demonstrated Solid on SAFE Network as a proof of concept using a modified Solid app.

I’ve recently returned to that work, helping to put Solid on SAFE, and now have one Solid app working on SAFE without code changes.

This isn’t an alternative Solid server implementation, but a way for Solid apps to benefit from a truly autonomous decentralised platform, designed from the ground up to be secure, and which has many benefits which complement the strengths of Solid (Solid’s strengths such as: separating applications from our data, making it possible for any app to understand, read and write data from any other app, and shifting from business models based on capturing and exploiting users and their data, to one of competing to provide the best features and functions for users).


There are several, but the focus seams to be on NSS at the moment: