POD Data storage

Hi i’m very interested the Solid project, so i’m read some documents for the beginers, but there is something hard to understand for me, because i’m not a developer.

The questions

  1. Where is the solid platform data stored? a node or servers that centralized?

  2. Where does the app code work? an app server and a Solid server communicate with each other?

  3. What is Solid projects business model? what strategy plan to commercialize this?

You may feel awkward my English sorry for that :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you

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That is up to the developer. You can create an app that works completely on the client side, i.e., doesn’t need an app server. You can also write a service, which runs on a dedicated server, that interacts with PODs. It’s all use case-dependent and Solid doesn’t put any restrictions in that aspect.