POD Data storage


Hi i’m very interested the Solid project, so i’m read some documents for the beginers, but there is something hard to understand for me, because i’m not a developer.

The questions

  1. Where is the solid platform data stored? a node or servers that centralized?

  2. Where does the app code work? an app server and a Solid server communicate with each other?

  3. What is Solid projects business model? what strategy plan to commercialize this?

You may feel awkward my English sorry for that :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you

Questions for inrupt

That is up to the developer. You can create an app that works completely on the client side, i.e., doesn’t need an app server. You can also write a service, which runs on a dedicated server, that interacts with PODs. It’s all use case-dependent and Solid doesn’t put any restrictions in that aspect.