Log in to access this resource for /register

I’m experimenting with running the node-solid-server on a raspberry pi using raspbian light. I use the development environment in bin/solid-test and my config contains the following:

On my laptop I go to the ip-address and port of where my server is running on my network, which you can see below. This is kind of a strange error that I have to login to acces the register resource and I was wondering if someone else got this error as well.

However, I am able to login with my inrupt account, but this error still remains.

My console log shows this:

Hope anyone can help. I’m thinking about using the full Raspbian OS with interface and see if it works on the actual machine itself.

I’m not terribly familiar with NSS, but that looks like it might be a bug to me. You could try reporting it in its issue tracker?

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