Join us at MCH 2022!

From 22-26 July MCH2022 ( will be held in the Netherlands, Zeewolde. This is a large gathering of technical minded people from all over the world.

I would like to invite you to join us there, to meet other people interested in Solid, Linked Data, the decentralized web and decentralized identity.

Muze and PDSInterop will be hosting 3 afternoon sessions and workshops, contents to be determined. I would like to have:

  • an afternoon focused on Solid,
  • one focused on ‘cool’ linked data (open, immutable, live, etc.)
  • and one around decentralization, maybe with a focus on identity, as the EU’s verified credentials are coming up soon.

MCH is a continuation of large festivals that are held every 4 years in the Netherlands. The first one going back to 1993. It is a camping event, but there are hotels nearby. If hacker festivals are new to you, expect lots of interesting people showing of interesting technology in creative ways. But also a lot of political discourse about how we should use technology (and how not). And everything in between.

The Muze tent will also host a presence of NLnet. And they have generously offered to sponsor tickets and perhaps travel costs for a number of people. So if you are interested to join us and talk about your projects, or give a workshop, please contact us to see if we can sponsor your tickets.

In fact, if you are going to MCH anyway, drop us a note at, so we can try to get an idea of how many people we might have to cater for.

See you there!

Auke van Slooten and


This is the program for MCH 2022, no titles yet available, but the speakers are confirmed. Especially the Saterday will be interesting for Solid. Please let us know when you are attending one of the sessions.

Saturday July 23rd - Solid
13:00 Solid (by Inrupt)
14:00 Solid (by Digita)
15:00 Fighting linkrot (by PDS Interop)
Sunday July 24th - Linked Data
13:00 Linked Data (by Kadaster)
14:00 Immutable Linked Data (by Muze)
15:00 Common Ground Workshop (by Conduction)
Monday July 25th - Decentralized Web & Identity
13:00 IPFS (by Protocol Labs)
14:00 Self Soverign Identity (by Animo Solutions)
15:30 Data custodian, identity and government (by Conduction)