It seems that there are no interesting apps in the past two years?

Do you have any interesting solid app recommendations?

I recently found this application (New developer tool: PodPro) for a pod browser to be really useful and a better alternative to the traditional pod browser to the standard one for pods.

In terms of an applications, there’s really no shortage of applications to be found at Solid Applications · Solid, many of which have been recently released or are still being developed. I’m currently developing a Solid application for storing and accessing healthcare records and will post more about it here in a month or so when it is in a presentable state.


There’s really no new . Everyone is either writing the app for development or in a meeting

I recently found this application (New developer tool: PodPro ) for a pod browser to be really useful and a better alternative to the traditional pod browser to the standard one for pods.

PodPro is indeed a great and useful app. However comparing it to the “the tradiitional pod browser for solidcommunity pods” is like comparing bicycles and airplanes. PodPro does an excellent job of showing the contents of a pod with a better UX than current SolidOS Databrowser (the front-end for However it does not even begin to do the things the Databrowser does. The Databrowser has multiple apps - address books, meeting schedulers, slideshows, profile managers, and handles a wide variety of RDF formats that podPro can’t touch. There is an active team working on the Databrowser and there are new features all the time. Please don’t let the current UX mislead you into thinking that the SolidOS Databrowser is a poor version of a pod browser when a) that is only one of its many functions and b) it does a much more sophisticated job of exposing the infrastructure and content types of a pod than any of the several very good pod browser apps (PodPro, Penny, Inrupt Pod Browser, Solid IDE, to mention only a few).

The changes to the SolidOS Databrowser are not as noticable and flashy as other new apps, but there are some real gems there that are on the cutting edge of what Solid can be. Take a look at the profile-managing drop-downs for organizations and languages. These are built from live searches of Wikidata and other public sources. Look at the new QR reader that can read WebIDs that timbl built. And many other changes which are not immediately evident but which greatly expand the reach of Solid.

Yes, PodPro is one good example of a Solid app with a professional look and feel and usable by end-users. The fact that there are not more such apps at this stage of Solid is regrettable, but NOT an indication that app development is stalled in the Solidverse.