Name of Application: PodBrowser
Application Homepage: Inrupt PodBrowser
Report issues at: Github

Description: An application for browsing the data on your Solid pod, and managing access to that data.

Author Name: Inrupt
Author Homepage: https://inrupt.com/
Author Contact: https://inrupt.com/

Open Source (yes/no): yes
License (if open source): MIT License
Code Repository: Github

Additional Screenshots:


Hmm Inupt’s PodBrowser or these other PodBrowsers… drive Solid Notify SolidVC PoPock OhMyPod! File Extractor Tiddlywiki File Extractor for Pods Form Integration Solid File Manager OpenLink Structured Data Editor (OSDE) ODS-Briefcase OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) URIBurner Launcher Exploration Poddit Solid authorization Widget component for web app. OpenLink Smart Data Bot (OSDB) Solid Shell Solid File Widget Solid IDE graphMetrix SPARQL Fiddle Warp

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