Integrating Solid Pods into existing apps

I have an app called Blastchat in the app store and google play store. We recently integrated the cryptocurrency Kin into our application and plan to pay users for their data for anything they do on the app. I’m looking for anyone that can help explain Solid to me a little more. As I think it would be a very cool idea to set every user up with a pod and to use crypto(Kin) to license/rent their pods. If my understanding of solid is correct, this concept is what Solid is trying to achieve in the future for everything that is currently connected to the internet. Could anyone educate me more about this topic?

Is it possible to integrate Solid into existing apps? Using xcode?

The devkit we are developing are focusing on web development, so sadly no specific tools for iOS and Android development at this time =/

(Would love to see if anyone in the community want to take up the ball on this ^_^)

That being said, WebID is a well established standard, and the server is exposing a HTTPS REST API for handling resources, and I’m guessing Xcode (and Android) has tools for enabling this.

In general it might be interesting to look at the Solid spec to get an overview of the capabilities of the Solid server :slight_smile:

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