Integrating Blockchain-Based Tokens and SoLiD Framework with inbound Oracles

Hi there,

I am currently a computer science student in my final year, where I am working on a project to create a decentralized market place to sell and exchange data based on blockchain-based tokens. Therefore we need inbound oracles to connect the on-chain to the off-chain world, where the SoLiD framework resides.

While I am still at the beginning of my research, it would be really helpful, if you know any existing research papers, articles, videos, tutorials, etc., which may have tackled a similar approach before.

Thank you in advance

Hey there,

I’m guessing you’re going to use the EVM with Chainlink?
Here are a few links from my studies:
Connecting Solid and blockchain
Monetization of Resources
Transparent Access Rights in PODs
blockchain for Usage Control in Solid
Solid PODs and Blockchain for Digital Twins in Healthcare


What exactly do you mean with this, or what challenges you think there are?

I would imagine, that for the biggest part you can view Solid and the blockchain as two distinct components (Solid for storing items people want to sell, etc.; blockchain to actually sell them and pointing to the Solid WebIDs) with a small component that combines them (the inbound oracle that pushes data from Solid to the blockchain).

Do you want to subscribe to changes in Solid pods and then create transactions to add this on-chain? If yes, there’s a Solid notifications protocol (I think this is the current version: Solid Notifications Protocol)

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