Blockchain & Solid

Hi everyone,

I’m the co-founder of, a Solid compliant framework that makes Solid app development a breeze. We help ecosystem of companies to work together online without having to all use the same apps.

I’m currently writing the Competition part of our pitch deck, where I’d like to compare Startin’blox to Dapps alternative technologies. To build a relevant comparison, I’d like to exchange with somebody more knowledgeable than me about the blockchain ecosystem. The goal is to compare Solid and Dapps alternatives in a way that’d make sense for a curious investor.

If you have time for a quick chat, please hit me back.
If you happen to visit Paris, I’m offering dinner!
Have a great weekend!

You might be interested in this ecosystem review?

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a good presentation from ruben v covers some comparison and contrast, and pro and con, and overlap or integration between LinkedData and Blockchain : Linked Data, blockchain, and other epic sagas — Linked Data, blockchain, and other epic sagas (

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