Looking for seasonned front end developer - Startin'blox

Hi you,

At Startin’blox, we developed an open source framework to make Solid apps development a breeze. It is poorly documented at the moment but it is working well and improving very fast as we developed it nly based on actual clients demands. The framework is a set of plug-and-play web components we can assemble to create custom applications in a few lines of HTML. We are based on Shex and LDFlex.

We have delivered the first 5 applications based on the framework and are now looking to scale up. For that we need at least one additional developer willing to attend our clients needs using the Startin’blox technology. The required skills are HTML and JS as well as a comprehension of the Solid principals, mostly RDF and WebID-OIDC.

Feel free to contact me :
+33 651 710 821

Let’s make Solid a reality ! :wink:


Startin’blox is fantastic. A nice app would be a kind of distributed wiki, where you could have a button on each page to add your own sib-display element(s) which would have a data-src pointing to a file on your pod. Some kind of voting and approval after a trial period might be needed though. My suggestion for a name? BrickyWiki :grinning:. I added a project for it to crowdforge.

The Smallest Federated Wiki is a pretty cool project to create a decentralized wiki network. No idea if it would be possible to make it work using Solid, but someone could fork the code and try it.

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There are at least a couple of attempts to put TiddlyWiki on Solid. I’ve not tried them myself, see for example:


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@alex.bourlier maybe this is something for https://github.com/solid/solidproject.org/blob/staging/_posts/newsletter/next.md#job-openings either via pull or let me know and I can add it for you

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Thanks for pointing this out.
My message is one year old, and we are not looking for anyone right now but next time I’ll use the newsletter!

ooo mea culpa, not sure how that popped up on my screen as new.

That was me necroposting. Sorry! :wink:

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