Trying to use alternative IdPs for solid pod

Hi! I’m kind of a novice here, but I was wondering what makes it possible for certain identity providers to work with solid and others to not? For example, I’m trying to make a solid pod work with Polygon ID ( and I was wondering if this is possible and how I would go about it.
Thank you!

At present Solid-OIDC builds on OpenID Connect so your IdP would need to be OpenID compliant - at a quick google this does not appear to be the case of PolygonID.


What @jeswr said, but also, as Polygon ID is based on some sort of blockchain, and Solid is based on web technologies, one must ask “how does the blockchain thing interact with the web thing” and more importantly, “how do web based things interact with the blockchain thing, without needing specific browser extensions?”

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Hi Rammkripa,

Don’t hesitate to take a look at

We developed an Identity broker to help bridge the gap between Identity Providers and Solid-OIDC. It helped us out already quite a few times in projects for our clients. Any feedback is welcome to help improve the product!

Hi Lauvdb,

This seems really useful. Would you be able to share an example of how to use this project?


If you want, we can set up a call and go over the project? That’s probably the best way to ask all your questions.

Just drop me an e-mail at