How to start Solid server programmitcally and gets HTTPS?

I want to make a desktop app using the electron.

To allow local offline usage, I would like to start a local SoLiD server, all data will firstly store at local POD, then a corn job script will sync data to an online POD if the network is good.

But I haven’t seen any instruction on how to start using JS, there is only Command Line Usage.

I’m not familiar with NSS so I don’t know if there is a js version to start it. With nodejs you could use exec to run a shell command.

If you don’t need all the features which NSS provides, you could use solid-auth-cli which is based on solid-rest or solid-local-pod. They all allow to use the file system as a pod, but don’t implement 100% of the Solid rest api. solid-local-pod can be used to run it on localhost, solid-auth-cli allows making “file:///some/path” requests in your app. You can also solid-rest as a parameter to solid-local-pod if you want.

You might want to check out Tim’s project Data Kitchen. It doesn’t run NSS, but the idea is to access files locally through the File System API, and to synchronize with the Pod once a network connection is available.