Can not access node solid development server localhost

Hello everyone. I am new to solid. I’ve been trying to integrate ExpressJS with node solid client using node-solid-client. But when I use the development node solid server using localhost, express can not access the https://localhost:8443 . I am uploading my express server on Docker. My Code is given below

  try {
    console.log("try ")
    let ses = await client.login({
      idp: YOUR_IDENTITY_PROVIDER, // e.g. https://localhost:8443
      username: "my username",
      password: "my password",
    return res.send("hi");
  } catch (error) {

Instead, it prints the console and ses.isLoggedIn returns false. But if I use , it works. What could be the error here? Can anybody help please?
My console:
Screenshot from 2021-06-09 11-34-43 is using v5.6.6. Are you using the same version? Do you have version 2.0.5 of solid-node-client? I can’t see enough of the log to figure anything out, can you show more?

I have an account on just. I am using solid-node-client 2.0.4. Actually, my error logs nothing shows more than the screenshot I provided in the post. Another thing, I am running my express server on Docker . My route:


Ah, I just though of something - have you set solid-node-client as a trustedApp on your localhhost? You’ll need to use the databrowser on the localhost and set https://solid-node-client as a trustedApp. Let me know if that fixes it for you.

I already tried that, but didn’t work.

Hmm, maybe ask your question in the gitter chat room for NSS .