Does anyone want to work on a New York Community Pod?

I happen to have and would like to work with other New Yorkers to develop it. I have created individual County Libraries, and have some plans to develop the pod but, if your interested in making it great, please let me know. I can give anyone trusted app status to edit if you want to be involved.


We could try to add some ShEx generated forms.

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@aschrijver mentioned

there is a contact email on their homepage, maybe they could help get that running there

maybe @pukkamustard is interested?:
Why "on top of the file-system"?

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Hi! Thank you for the mention!

openEngiadina is building a platform for “local knowledge”. Things like local businesses, libraries, hiking trails, points of interest, etc. It was originally conceived to crowd-source touristic data in a small valley in Switzerland. The ideas translate to other places and communities and I think it would be very cool to use it for a place like New York!

I recently tried to outline some of the ideas in a post.

Currently it is under heavy development and not yet usable, but usability is in reach. I am preparing an initial demonstrator that I will post to this forum in the next days.


We could try to use ShEx to generate forms based on @pukkamustard activitypub schemas.
Then the data could be stored on each page @adventure as created that must not be too hard :blush:


@adventure Just to be clear, will there be any strings attached or advertising involved?

No strings attached no ads!

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That all sounds great Do you want me to make you a authorized app so you can make changes to the pod?

Not for the moment, I must first investigate activitypub vocab.
@pukkamustard project is for local infos, your’s seems to be too, but
If I make a form to post data, do you have an idea of the input fields, perhaps they could be different that the ones in @pukkamustard project ?