Community deployment of PODS?

Hello - I am in the process of setting up a Social Enerprise company to develop / execute a rolling 10 year data strategy / ecosystem for the community of the county of Rutland in the UK. Ambitious but already have the buy in of local public sector and servce providers through a county strategy group. Looking to learn about Solid and how we can use it as part of the enabling infrastructure. Keen to learn if there are any similar community initiatives and how they are progressing / challenges etc etc. Please feel free to get in touch. Here to learn and meet people.


I can think of two projects that might have similarities, one is this:

Here’s the other, posted on the SAFE Network forum but also interested in using Solid (on SAFE):

Hope that helps, good luck and ask any questions. They are both friendly helpful forums.


Thanks Mark - v helpful - will add to my list to look in to

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