Solid New York looking for new organizer

I’d like to find a replacement as organizer for Solid New York (NYC) if anyone is interested

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I’d be interested in co-hosting. Possibly solo-hosting… Let’s discuss!

Yes, either would be great. Have you joined the group as a member? If so I can transfer the organizer role to you.

Can you please post a link to the meetup group? Let’s discuss and see what makes sense.

It’s here:

That page doesn’t seem to exist. Is the link correct? Is there a way to private message on this forum?

The message asking for a new organizer was here and also on the meetup site for a few weeks with no response. Sorry for my impatience, but when I saw that you didnt respond yesterday, I shut the meetup group “Solid New York” down. You will have to start your own meetup. You can probably use the same name if you want.

Did you have any meetups in the past? If so what was covered? Do you have a member list to pass on? Where were the meetups held? I was really hoping to co-host this, so any info is greatly appreciated!

There were never any meetups. Early on I tried to organize one using free space at a library but to schedule it I couldn’t give much notice and nobody rsvp’d. Sorry but I don’t have a member list.

I created a new Meetup group for NYC: New Meetup in NYC