Demonstration of creating a full SOLID application using low-code technology

Hey everyone !

Following all our discussions towards low-code development applied to rapid creation of SOLID applications (check here : New decentralized social network, specialized in sharing public and Creative Common content), I have finalized an integration of a SOLID Pod connector to GO-Lowcode (Generative Objects open source low code development platform).

Here is a demonstration video of this integration, that shows how to create a fully functional SOLID application in less than 30 minutes, with 0 line of code !

I demonstrate the creation of a mini social network platform that allows a user to connect, share status updates and add comments to any user’s status updates.

This is a first version of the integration of SOLID and GO-Lowcode, it can much deeper, depending on the interest about this in the SOLID community, let me know !

For instance one main improvement I can foresee is to be able to automatically infer the full ontologies in GO-Lowcode, so that there would be no need to model data, just select which ontology, entities and fields to connect to and what application to build on top. For instance :

  • I could imagine an integration with ! From GO-Lowcode platform, a user could select shapes available in ShapeRepo and it would automatically include it as an entity in the application model. Also : creating a new Shape in GO-Lowcode could be pushed to as a suggestion for new Shape. See here about ShapeRepo: Making your Solid Apps interoperable with

  • I am foreseeing a way to create applications that don’t force users to a specific technology. For example : we could build applications where the user could decide to use his Solid Pod account for his personal data, or his Holochain account, or just want his data to be stored at application level, in a central database. It could allow a progressive onboarding of users into a decentralized solution for their data, still allowing the old way for those who are not ready or don’t care. This would be definitively possible with GO-Lowcode, by integrating, for example, an Holochain connector the same way we integrated a SOLID connector. The user can then choose his option at connection time : Solid or Holochain or any other technology we would integrate.

  • it is challenging to design and build decentralized applications, it is a completely different mindset and it bring its lot of complexity and challenges to build performant applications. With Go-Lowcode, we could automate some patterns and best practices for building efficient SOLID applications. These patterns could be time consuming to implement manually, but could just be activated / generated by default with GO-Lowcode.

Also, for those interested in more that we did with GO-Lowcode, towards a new, more open Internet, check what we did to seamlessly connect to and leverage Linked data, and specifically DBpedia : Low-code development project for the rapid modeling and generation of applications making use of DBpedia - DBpedia Project Proposals - DBpedia Forum

We could then imagine leveraging both SOLID and DBpedia and create very fast SOLID applications, connecting to DBpedia content.


Yeah! The shaperepo integration could totally work. Let me know if you want to talk about it more.


Hey @jaxoncreed ! yes we can speak about ShapeRepo integration. However I am waiting to see the interest for SOLID / GO-Lowcode integration in the SOLID community to see if I continue further. My main focus is on the development of the GO-Lowcode technology at large, SOLID integration is only one aspect of it that will grow if it brings value to SOLID development. Waiting for feedbacks :slight_smile:

@walter.almeida, i think the interest is here for every kind of Solid Tool & GO-Lowcode is one of them…
I see Solid like a new Continent that some like you, me and other explore to see what can be done in this new country, and every step you do to investigate can be reused by other to take control of his data, his liberty, so even if nobody give a heart to your posts, i’m sure they like the way you propose… (and don’t forget that a lot of activity around Solid happens on the different gitter channels, where core team seems to be more reactive)


yes @Smag0, thank you for your message, exploration can indeed be a lonely place, it is good to be acknowleged and seen, so thank you for this :slight_smile:

Exploration can be lonely, but paths can meet and we can then explore and create together !
I am offering here what I did using low code technology to accelerate the creation of plateforms and services in general, now Solid apps in specific. Others are offering other aspects, Solid is bringing the decentralization of data. My intention would be to find a path all together where we could co-create something together and find a break through to the world for our game changing technologies, and bringing our values and what we want to see happen in this world actually happen !

My way of seeing it is that technology is not enough, and people don’t buy into technology until they actually see it in action at large scale. Technology is just a mean, not a goal. We would need to actually build and deploy a concrete application that could scale and bring value to many. What this application can be ? and then : how about joining our forces to build it and show case our technologies to get traction and start the ball rolling ?!!

@kidehen this is the post I was talking to you about.

Please watch the video and tell me if it makes sense to you.

If you are interested : let me know and we go further, you can then use the GO-LowCode platform and I will support you in this and evolve GO-LowCode for whatever is required. My focus is on GO-LowCode itself, which is already a huge project ! I have created this first integration with SOLID to pave the way for anyone who is interested and want to use the connector to SOLID and go deeper !

I strongly believe that low code development, and GO-LowCode can accelerate in immense way the creation of SOLID applications !

You need to jog my memory regarding where we last discussed this project. I am certainly interested in all Low-Code solutions where the following are loosely-coupled:

  1. Identity – WebID
  2. Identification – WebID-Profile
  3. Authentication – WebID-OIDC and/or WebID-TLS
  4. Authorization – WebACLs
  5. Storage – SPARQL, LDP, or WebDAV

Hi Walter! This sounds really interesting. I’ve been thinking about a platform that could provide a noCode authentication solution for Solid. I’m thinking of something kind of like but that authenticates the user and returns a specific set of data back to the application if approved.

I’d love to learn more about what you’re working on. I’m looking for partners to start the Solid revolution :smiley:

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Thank you @flynnd2140, thank you for your message. I am happy to share with you, see how we could support each other. What exactly is you plan / project around Solid ?

I would be happy to give you access to the low code technology I have setup around Solid, and support you in growing it to support Solid apps scenarios.

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I want to build a more robust user portal to let individuals integrate various data sources. Something that’s easy for anyone to use.

Then I want to work with applications to integrate their user profiles into Solid.

Tell me more about your product?

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That integration could be a “Sign in With Solid” auth option so you can share (and revoke) access directly from your POD when creating accounts. Is this possible? I’m not much of a developer. More of an entrepreneur.

@flynnd2140 have you seen the video ? does it talk to you ? The GOLowCode platform can be used to design your own user portal by modeling it and then generating it, and the data can be saved in the user Solid Pod, the user can at any time revoke access, which is the idea of Solid apps.

Are you looking for a techonology to support you ? a developer to support you ? or both ? I can provide the technology, but not my time as a developer to create your portal. I can support though with whatever is directly linked to the technology. So you would need to have a developer wityh you to whom I could show the GOLowCode technology

@walter.almeida Can we get access to GOLowCode? I don’t see a signup link or anything…

@Narvey can you PM me or write to me on telegram @risingwalter ?
I am at the moment giving access to the GOGenCode repository on demand, because I am still finishing a few things to be ready for full release. Thank you !